Help Us Save Our School

Due to a lack of maintenance over the last ten years, and especially damage to the roof that has allowed an excessive amount of water into the building, the condition of the school is poor, but also well within the possibility of a full restoration. Weeds and excessive plant growth are present on the sides of the walls, all of which retain moisture near the foundation. Unchecked water damage over the last decade has severely damaged many of the west side and south end classrooms.

Your donation today will help us restore the West Gaines School to become a community center.

Preliminary Recommendations from MTSU Center for Historic Preservation:

1.  “Mothball the building”

  • Address holes in the roof immediately.  Add tarp on the roof before installing a temporary roof patch. This will mitigate further damage to the interior.
  • Asbestos assessment. 
  • Patch broken windows; assess which window frames need repair or replacement
  • Secure and repair all entrances into the building
  • Remove foliage around the building
  • Plumbing assessment for future handicap accessible restrooms

2.  Clear debris so a better assessment of interior can be made

  • Remove deteriorated and damaged building materials and carpets
  • Sweep out damaged and decaying materials on the floors
  • Patch holes in the floors for safety
  • Remove partitions where removal will not damage historical materials and floors

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